Saturday, February 27, 2010

Crocodile Encounter or Pet Crocodile?

This animal encounter is one of the coolest yet, because its not an encounter at all this 17ft long crocodile named Pocho is this fearless Costa Rican fisherman's Pet! Yes, you heard me right, his pet crocodile Pocho is 17 feet long and weighs a massive 980 pounds. Chito the Costa Rican fisherman found this croc on the side of a river dieing after being shot in the eye by a cattle farmer. Chito took the croc into his own home and took care of him while he recovered. 20 years later their still great friends. I bet chito is very powerfull in his community i could just imagine him saying, "You better do it or ill get Pocho on you!" To see the full story check out this website Chico and Pocho Best Friends.


  1. Ah very cool!
    Great blog already on my feedreader!

  2. That guy is insane! I would never dare to come that close to a leviathan like that!

  3. Holy ****! That's insane. No amount of money would be worth it to me.