Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Monkey Encounter

Now I i am not sure if these are real or not, but their still incredibly funny! Those monkeys are not only ripping apart all of her clothes their destroying her car. If you look closely at the side mirror its hanging on by wires. Also look at her facial expression shes horrified, "No i just bought those clothes you stupid monkeys!" In the other picture the monkeys must think they own the car because their obviously not letting him in. His windows are even rolled down, guess he didn't think about monkeys stealing his car. I don't think i would be so tolerate of them as he is. He's just like whatever and all chill about it. I would be kicking and throwing stuff at them. Now yes i love animals and would not do that normally, but when it comes to my car things are a little different. This is one animal encounter that you should certainly avoid!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Man Meets Moose

To start off, what is this guy so happy about? He is a couple of yards away from something that can easily kill him, and he's loving it. Just look at the expression on his face, i don't know which one i should be more scared of this guy or the moose. Just think if he was to be a little closer, that might change his facial expression. Who knows it could have been his pet . It must have ran away and somehow he found it. That would explain the smile on his face. Is having a moose as a pet even legal?

Sunday, February 28, 2010

When a Bear Dosen't Want To Go Home

This picture was taken after an attempt to release a bear back into the wild. Obviously he did not want to go back. He must of liked being fed and sitting around in a zoo all day i know i would! Well anyways this is one bad animal encounter, that guy has got to be scared. He also better hope that cage is bolted down to the truck , or else he might have a little problem. The camera man is probably laughing at him saying i told you not to piss in his cage on the ride here.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Crocodile Encounter or Pet Crocodile?

This animal encounter is one of the coolest yet, because its not an encounter at all this 17ft long crocodile named Pocho is this fearless Costa Rican fisherman's Pet! Yes, you heard me right, his pet crocodile Pocho is 17 feet long and weighs a massive 980 pounds. Chito the Costa Rican fisherman found this croc on the side of a river dieing after being shot in the eye by a cattle farmer. Chito took the croc into his own home and took care of him while he recovered. 20 years later their still great friends. I bet chito is very powerfull in his community i could just imagine him saying, "You better do it or ill get Pocho on you!" To see the full story check out this website Chico and Pocho Best Friends.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Tiger Shark Encounter

I have always had great respect for the people who research sharks. There like an elite group of fearless human beings. They will do just about anything to get a shark to come near them. The guy in this video just has on some swim shorts, and he's filming 2 giant tiger sharks that are only a couple feet away. That's just to risky to me, one mistake and the shark sees you as food, sorry bud but your a goner.

Hawk Vs. Skydiver

This is one close encounter! The hawk looks like its about to collide with the skydiver. Skydiving is no laughing matter, and add a gigantic hawk flying right at you, this guy must be scared out of his mind. He is just staring at it, "no,No,NO, bird don't you come any closer!!" http://www.flickr.com/photos/fiora/867454318/

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Elephant Totales a car

Now wouldn't this be fun trying to explain to your insurance company. Ummm an elephant went on a mad rampage and totaled my car. Haha, but i really do feel sorry for the owners of this vehicle. I'm just glad no one got hurt. Just look at the size of that elephant its massive. It flipped the car like it was nothing. Imagine an encounter with this baby!